It's baby time!

Every new life comes with a beautiful story to be told, a story of strength, resilience, power and love. Let me focus on capturing that story for you, let me show you that story in a whole new way, a way you might otherwise miss. I'd love to be there to capture the beauty that is new life, both in the baby and the growing family. Don't let anything be missed.

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Birth Photography

Starting at 38 weeks, I will be on call 24/7 to capture your little ones arrival. From active labour until 2 hours after delivery (yes, even if your labour is in the night, or lasts days) I will be there to catch all the moments you might otherwise miss.

from: $1100

Fresh 48

Let me come during the first 48 hours of your baby's arrival. I can come visit you at home or in hospital and capture all the tiny details you'll never want to forget.

from: $350

"Having Tabitha capture these moments from the birth of our second child are pictures I'm going to treasure forever. She was an absolute dream to work with"

- Danielle


How many pictures will we receive?

Every birth is different, depending on your package you will receive a gallery with from 50-120+ fully edited images that tell your story.

Will you really stay the whole time?

YES. This is what I'm here for. You will have me there no matter the time of day or how long the labour lasts. I'm ready to capture your story

What if you can't make it?

I only take a limited number of births at a time to ensure I'm available. In the rare case where I could not attend, I have a back up photographer to make sure you have someone there!

Can I have a birth photographer and avoid graphic pictures.

Absolutely! During your consult we can discuss the specifics of what exactly you would like photographed and if there's anything you would prefer left out.

Can I do a payment plan?

Yes! We offer payment plans. Most clients will pay a bit each month. As long as all funds are paid by 38 weeks, then we can work something out!

Do you offer discounts?

Due to the on call nature of our job we aren't able to offer discounts, however, the registry option can be utilized by clients to help pay for their birth photography.

Which memories do you want to hold on to forever?

Memories worth everything

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