Birth photography is a unique approach to photography that differs from lifestyle and studio session styles of photography, but how is that so?

It tells a story

Birth photography is a documentary style approach to photography. If you look at the pictures in sequence it will tell you the story of not only your baby's birth day but the story of your journey to that moment.

The story of your resilience, your strength, your love.

It's unposed

There may be a time at the end of our time together where you all gather together and smile for a couple family photos, but the vast majority of your pictures will be unposed, in the moment, how they are actually happening.

You'll see the subtle touches, looks of encouragement and all the tiny details.

It has raw emotion

A picture full of smiling faces is frame worthy no doubt, but when you look back at them, do they bring up emotion inside you?

Your birth photos will show moments of joy, moments of pain, strength, tears, fear and absolute bliss. The kind of emotions that you can't help but feel again and again every time you look at your pictures.

It happens once

There is no do over for birth photos. Sure, you can have other kids, but their story will be unique to them. Every child, every tiny detail is unique to your journey, your child and their birth.

As important as the details of those moments are, they fade faster than you'd think - unless of course, you have photos to bring you back to those moments.

It's unpredictable

This could be your first baby, or your sixth, regardless of how you think it might go, theres never any way to truly know. From what you plan, to how things actually unfold is always up in the air.

Regardless of what happens, you'll surely be given a surprise or two, so there is no way to plan for those moments, until we are in them, together, getting through each part, step by step.

It's powerful

Birth is so empowering, and why is that?

Because YOU are powerful. The act of bringing your baby into this word itself is an act of strength, power and love. Whether you do it with no drugs, all the drugs you can get, a c-section, home birth or anything in between, there is beauty and strength in all approaches to bringing a baby earth side.

You are showing not only the ultimate act of self sacrifice and love, but of the power in childbirth.