An experience so beautifully life changing deserves documenting

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Always remember every detail of your baby's birth day.

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Birth photography allows you to feel beautiful and powerful

And now you won't forget a single moment.

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Let's set the scene.

Picture this. You've just spent the last nine months growing and nourishing your baby from within. Now, the time is here to bring them earth side. Things are starting to get serious, and you're feeling those swells of pain as baby is getting closer and closer to meeting you.

You are focused. You are in charge. You are powerful. You're doing what might feel impossible. And you're doing it with fierce determination. Suddenly, your beautiful baby is being placed in your arms. They're here. You feel a surge of emotion so strong, so intense, you want to bask in that moment forever.

You won't ever forget that moment you first held your baby, but the other details, they tend to slowly fade. You, your care providers, your support people, you're all able to be fully present in those first moments, because you know those moments are being recorded, and your story will be able to be retold again and again.

That's why I'm here. Im here to be your storyteller. I'm here to capture little moments, emotions and details you might not even be aware of. I'm here to allow you to be fully present in your strength, emotions and keep those memories alive, for years and years to come.

Once you've confirmed your spot, I'll have you fill out a birth questionnaire so I can get to know you a little better! When it's closer to your due date, we will sit down together and discuss all the details of what you'd like your experience to look like.

Once you hit 38 weeks, I'm on call for you 24/7 and will be ready to go night or day when the time comes. I'll arrive during active labour and capture all that is happening, while being a fly on the wall - You likely won't even notice me!

What Can I expect?

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It’s not about taking photos, it’s about telling your story

Birth photography is so much more than just pictures of the baby crowning. It's your journey into motherhood (whether for the first, or tenth time), it's about the story of support and care from your birthing partners and providers. It's the cataloguing of events and the empowerment and strength you will show through the whole process. Meeting the little human you've just brought earth side for the first time will be moments you'll want to relive, and through birth photos, you can!

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Let's connect

Tell me a little (or a lot) about yourself and request more information so we can chat! We can discuss what you're looking for and what it is that I do!


Reserve your spot

Once we discuss the details, and confirm my availability, you can reserve your spot with a deposit, and fill out my birth questionnaire.


In person consult

We will meet up before your due date to discuss in detail what's to come, what you can expect from me and any specifics you want me to know.


It's baby time

I'm on call 24/7 from 38 weeks, and will attend your birth for an unlimited amount of time until 2 hrs after baby is born to capture all the special moments.

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